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Introducing the perfect solution for globe-trotters and minimalists alike – our travel-size minis. A compact and eco-friendly alternative that revolutionizes the way we approach beauty on the go. Packed in a sleek and lightweight aluminum bottle, this innovative powder shampoo allows you to enjoy the convenience of cleansing your hair without the hassle of bulky liquid bottles. Its eco-friendly formulation not only reduces plastic and water waste but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable travel products.

Say goodbye to spills and cumbersome packing with this compact powder shampoo that effortlessly fits into any travel bag or purse. Embrace the freedom to wander without sacrificing your beauty routine, because this mini marvel ensures you maintain luscious locks while being kind to the planet.

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We're the Real Deal

We give you the best ingredients and we're good for the environment too!

5 Reasons We Love Our Minis

1. It's Compact & Lightweight. At just 20g/0.7oz, our bottles are extremely easy to pack!

2. TSA-Friendly. The Powder Shampoo is TSA-compliant, eliminating the need to worry about liquid restrictions when passing through airport security checkpoints.

3. No Spill Risk. With no risk of leaks or spills, you can enjoy a mess-free and stress-free travel experience, preserving the contents of your bag and preventing damage to other items.

4. Long-Lasting. Despite its compact size, this tiny bottle can last up to 20x washes. Definitely longer than its liquid counterparts!

5. Good for You & Good for Earth. The Powder Shampoo comes in eco-friendly packaging, reducing the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles and contributing to sustainable travel practices.

Get 10% Off with code: TRAVEL10

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Want to know which powder shampoo is best for you?

The Powder Shampoo variants are created to address different hair concerns. Each one is carefully formulated with our curation of only the best botanical ingredients. Our goal is to create a healthy scalp and luscious hair. From normal to dry & itchy scalp, we have one that addresses you hair concerns. At TPS, we care not just about your hair but your body as well. We created our Day and Night range with your skin's wellbeing in mind and we swear by it's moisturizing properties!

Check out our hair and body care variants and which one suits your needs here.

Get to Know Your Minis

Eco-conscious and travel-ready, our powder shampoo is your perfect companion for road trips, long flights, or quick gym sessions. With our easy and secure packaging, it ensures a spill-free and sustainable hair care experience wherever your adventures take you.


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Plant-powered Botanical Wonder

The Powder Shampoo started off as one woman’s dream to transform the personal care industry. We believe good products shouldn’t have to cost the Earth, and regular innovation is the only way to save the Earth from the climate crisis. Our dedicated team has more than 50 years of experience in the beauty and personal care space, so now it’s time to put what we’ve learned to the good of our scalp, hair, skin, and the planet.

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Committed to Our Planet

The Powder Shampoo is a planet-first, plastic-free & plant-powered brand with the mission to revolutionise the personal care industry. Our vegan, cruelty-free, powder-to-foam formulas make sustainable shower swaps the easiest they’ve ever been and we plant one tree for every product sold in a bid to offset global carbon emissions.