Use a tiny amount!

“This stuff is super concentrated, which I love! Just shake a little bit in your hand and rub it all over your wet hair. It instantly turns foamy and spreads throughout my hair. It feels like it did a very good job of cleaning my hair. I really don't understand why powered shampoo is not the standard in the US. It makes so much more sense to me to ship significantly lighter and less bulky shampoo, dish soap, hand soap etc. Liquid soaps are just so heavy, messy, and bulky.”
- Gear Report, US

Over 100x Washes

Concentrated powder formula
Over 100x Washes
0% Plastic
0% Water

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Get more of the good stuff in every bottle 🫧

Travely-friendly features

💦 0% Water

💯 Over 100x washes

📆 3 months of Shampoo

♻️ Refillable & Recyclable

👝 Paper Refill Pouches available

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“Only a few shakes of the bottle (maybe a quarter teaspoon)- plus water-
equals a ton of suds! Product washes out cleanly. Great entry into the haircare

- Eve, US

Plant Powered Ingredients

Natured-Derived Formula

🥥 Coconut-based foaming agent which doesn't strip the scalp

🍚 Rice Protein to fortify & strengthen the hair

🌽Corn to strengthen & add shine

🍦Pre + Probiotics to balance the scalp environment

💦 Pure essential oils to boost hair growth & address specific scalp concerns

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