When it comes to relaxing the senses, I always find the scent of lavender so uplifting and it’s one of my favourites for its calming effect, especially after a long day.”
- Priscilla, SG

Relaxing Body Wash

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The Body Wash That Calms You Down!

Plant Powered Ingredients

Natured-Derived Formula

💜 Lavender Essential Oil for its stress-busting & sleep-promoting qualities

🌼 Chamomile Essential Oil for its anti-anxiety & mood-lifting effects 

🦋 Butterly Pea Flower extract to protect skin from environmental stressors 

🌿 Blue Spirulina to promote skin healing 

🥭 Papaya enzyme to lightly exfoliate 

🌽 Corn to condition the skin 

🍚 Rice Protein to fortify the skin 

🫘 Soy to hydrate and moisturise 

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Plastic-Free Packaging 🌍

💧0% Water

🌍 0% Plastic

✅Reusable Bottles

👝 Paper Refill Pouches

♻️Recyclable Aluminium

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“It smells heavenly and keeps my skin soft and supple. Using it during my daily showers is such an aromatherapy enjoyment 😉 I also love that it's vegan, sustainable and totally environmentally friendly!”

- Sarah, SG

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