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“Having dyed my hair- it has become quite dry and brittle. This shampoo lathers well. My hair feels softer and my perm also keeps its shape well after every wash. Highly recommended!”

- Violet

What causes dry, brittle and lackluster hair?

Dry, brittle hair is the byproduct of your strands not having enough moisture. Making it look dull, frizzy, and lacking in sheen. Below are just some common causes.

💁🏽 Styling: Using heat-based tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons too often and in hight heat settings.

🚿 Washing: washing hair too often can strip your hair and scalp of moisture.

🧴 Chemicals: Using chemical treatments- such as hair dyes, perming and straightening solutions. Shampoos containing sulfates.

🌞 Environmental conditions: Dry air, excessive sun exposure, or chlorinated water

Other contributing factors include hormonal imbalances, malnutrition, scalp infections, or other illnesses.

Using all-natural products that are free from sulfates and other nasties are your best bet for healthy, hydrated hair.

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Plant Powered Ingredients

Our shampoo formulations are made with nothing but the best nature-derived ingredients.

🌺 Camellia Seed Oil to hydrate & protect 

🥜 Tamanu Oil deeply restores moisture

🫒 SoftOlive™️ to replenish & repair

🌷Geranium Essential Oil to smooth tresses & add shine

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Hydrating & Replenishing Shampoo

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Before 🚫
Dry, fragile and frizzy hair. Every wash leaves your hair unmanageable and tangled. High possibility for breakage and spilt ends and hair loss.

Hair becomes hydrated and manageable. No longer frizzy and fragile. Scalp is balanced, reducing further damage to the hair.

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Why do we love our powder shampoo? Here's why!

💰You actually get more bang for your buck with a powder shampoo. Our 100g (3.5oz.) bottle can last over 100x washes that's over 3 months of use! While our 20g (0.7g) travel size minis can last for over 20xwashes up to even a month!

🚱 We use 0% WATER in our formulas because heavier doesn't mean more. In fact water is an unnecessary ingredient and is mostly used to bulk the product so other brands can charge you more.

🌍 The Powder Shampoo is good for the planet, because we love the Earth! It's plastic-free and our bottles are reusable, or recyclable. In fact you can buy are refill pouches and reuse your bottles!

All Natural Shampoo to Hydrate Your Dry Tresses

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Plant Powered Ingredients

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