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The Powder Shampoo
Beegee Datingaling

I found out about The Powder Shampoo through a random ad on Instagram. I became interested mainly because of the "hair regrowth" solution of one of your products. I was also enticed by the nice packaging as well as the fact that it is refillable so it's less waste.

It interested me for the travel convenience and also because of the plastic free packaging.

I Was looking for products in reusable containers and found it on IG. Loved the product. My husband loves it as well.

The Powder Shampoo
Chione Domingo

I found out about your product on Instagram. It was an ad I'd see every now and then, but before I didn't really pay much attention to it since I was still using a Dove shampoo then.

When I was running out of shampoo, I accidentally clicked and accessed an IG ad of your powder shampoo. It wasn't really intentional. Since I already got redirected I scrolled through the products and saw this thyme and bergamot scented shampoo which made me interested. I really like the scent of bergamot, you see. To add to that, it was even meant for thinning hair. I have really thin hair that sometimes my scalp can be visibly seen by people. It's not really nice knowing people think you have a bald spot at such a young age.

I've only been using the product for a week, but my family has already noticed that my hair has so much volume and that it looks healthy. I still want to finish the mini bottle I bought before I write a full review on it on your website. Anyway, things are looking good this early.

It would be nice if the cap weren't immediately open. A twist function would be really great. That's about it.


The Powder Shampoo
Sarah Collinge


It's the first time for me using your products and I have to say I was really impressed! I do a lot of adventure travel on horseback and often we have to take a pack horse or use saddle bags to carry our gear so weight is a big issue. Your powder shampoo was a lifesaver over the last two weeks while I was trekking up and down the mountains of Kyrgyzstan! No one else in our group had weight allowance for shampoo and they were using bar soap for washing their hair. I was extremely popular in the group as I had a wonderful foaming shampoo (especially amoung the other women in our horse trekking group)! Everyone took photos of the bottles and thought this was the ideal solution for our next adventure!

I first saw the product advertised on Instagram, I thought it would be like the bar shampoos I'd tried (no real foam and a disappointment to be honest). But it was just like my normal shampoo, better even and the smell was divine! This is the perfect solution for lightweight travel!

Amazing product thanks so much. This will now always be in my travel bag!

I stumbled upon it on Instagram.

I have been using shampoo that supposingly help with hair loss but none really works. So when I saw it on Instagram, I browsed through via your
Website and saw it saw the travel pack.

So I felt no harm buying to try as it’s not a big bottle, even if it doesn’t work, it’s fine.

But surprisingly, it works! The hair loss has reduced tremendously and new baby hair started to grow!

It will be interesting if you can produce conditioner in powder form!

The Powder Shampoo
Sophia Chiu

I found your product by google search. Was looking for cleaning products that are light easy to travel with. I do a lot of travel and camping and always looking for products that are easy to pack. After trying your products, I do like them very much. My skin and hair feel soft and smooth

The Powder Shampoo
Kim Gallmeyer


I would actually love to give some feedback because I love the shampoo I tried!! I think I saw your product on Facebook or Instagram and I am always on the lookout for color safe shampoo/conditioner that is eco-friendly and in recyclable packaging. I like shampoo bars, but I’m picky and they aren’t great for traveling. This would be an exceptional win if the product came out a little easier in the shower. In the meantime, I have to try the rest of the travel sizes I’ve bought.