Singapore, 1st December 2022

THE POWDER FOAM WASH launched on 1st December 2022, after months of careful formulation, preparation, and anticipation from everyone here at THE POWDER SHAMPOO and our most dedicated Powder Revolutionaries.

Our latest inventions were debuted to the world, namely our Enegerising Day Body Foam Wash and our Relaxing Night Body Foam Wash. Both products are available in our standard 100g Recyclable Aluminium Bottle, 20g Mini Recyclable Aluminium Bottle, and fully compostable and recyclable 100g Paper Refill Pouch. They also come in a Day and Night Duo Set, which is great for gift-giving season. 

The launch event, held at Huone Singapore, consisted of three themed rooms and was the experiential brainchild of founder and CEO, Lynn Tan. Guests were fully immersed in worlds centred around the main concept of each room and the hero ingredients each product utilises to give you a new eco-friendly shower experience.

Room 1 

An homage to the original powder-to-foam shampoo products, the first experiential room was a summary of THE POWDER SHAMPOO’s journey so far and showcased each scalp-specific shampoo type in the 100g, 20g, and paper refill pouch sizes. There was also a video recap of the London launch and visual displays of milestones in our short but impactful history. 

Room 2

The second experiential wonderland welcomed guests to the best morning they’ve ever had. THE POWDER FOAM WASH™ was highlighted front and center, surrounded by the hero ingredients for the Energising Day Body Foam Wash, in a setting that already enlivened the senses and invigorated the mood. 

Energising Day Body Foam Wash Hero Ingredients

Turmeric - Soothes skin and promotes glow through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Lemongrass - Invigorates mood and balances skin with uplifting aroma and oil-reducing action

Ginger - Rejuvenates skin by increasing circulation, oxygen, and nutrient supply

Green Spirulina - Fights free radicals and prevents skin damage that can lead to signs of aging


Room 3

The third walk-through wonderland welcomed guests to the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. The Relaxing Night Body Foam Wash was surrounded by a blissful nightscape as the scent of lavender and chamomile infused the twilight. 

Relaxing Night Body Foam Wash Hero Ingredients

Butterfly Pea Flower - Helps skin look firmer, brighter, and more youthful with antioxidants and polyphenols

Chamomile - Historic stress and anxiety buster, which soothes redness and packs an antioxidant punch  

Lavender - Traditional sleep aid with skin healing, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial benefits

Blue Spirulina - Promotes skin healing and helps with inflammation and acne

To see more from the event, follow us on Instagram or check out the digital photo album here > 

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