100% Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging is 100% plastic-free. We can achieve this because our products contain 0% water, so we don’t need to use plastic like liquid shampoos which contain 80-90% water. Our packing is made from either 100% recyclable aluminium or 100% recyclable & compostable paper. Each 100g bottle saves five plastic bottles, and you can keep our 100g and 20g bottles for life. Our Refill Pouches also don’t contain any plastic inside or to seal, so you can recycle or compost without contributing to further plastic pollution. We invest in our packaging so the world doesn't have to invest in drastic global measures to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.

• Contains 0% water

• Does not use water to produce

• Light & Easy to transport

• Over 80% of Aluminum in the world is recycled

• Reusable & Refillable

• Easily recycled

• Does not become microplastics

• Contains 80% to 90% water

• Uses lots of water to produce

• Heavy to transport & store

• Only 9% of Plastic in the world is recycled

• Used once & thrown

• 500 years to decompose (if ever)

• Plastic becomes microplastics

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