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Why buying our refills can help you save money & save the planet

♻️ Reduced Plastic Waste: Recyclable paper refills drastically cuts down on use of plastic. By reusing a durable dispenser, you help reduce the enormous amount of plastic and all other waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

🌳 Lower Carbon Footprint: Transporting powder refills is more efficient than liquid products due to their lighter weight and smaller volume.

💵 Cost-Effective: Save money with our 100g/3.5oz. refills, which are priced lower- simply refill your own bottles and enjoy the savings!

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We give you the best ingredients and we're good for the environment too!

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The Powder Shampoo created 5 variants to address different scalp and hair concerns. Each one is carefully formulated with our curation of only the best botanical ingredients. Our goal is to create healthy scalp and luscious hair. From normal to dry & itchy scalp we have one for you.

Invigorating & Stimulating Shampoo

•Biotin reduces hair thinning
•Ginger & Ginseng strengthens hair blub
•Bergamot Essential Oil boosts nutrients
& oxygen to the hair

Purifying & Regulating Shampoo

•Zinc PCA prevents bacteria & fungal infections
•Peppermint Essential Oil cools & cuts through oil
•Papaya Enzyme eliminates sebum build-up
& gently exfoliates

Hydrating & Replenishing Shampooo

•Tamanu Oil restores moisture
•Camellia Seed Oil hydrates & protects
•Geranium Essential Oil smooths tresses
& adds shine

Exfoliating & Balancing Shampoo

•Xylitol removes impurities
•Salycilic Acid
gently eliminates flakes & dandruff
•Tea Tree Essential Oil provides anti-bacterial &
anti-fungal action

Strengthening & Soothing Shampoo

•Licorice Root anti-irritation & anti-inflammatory
•Pre + Probiotics restores scalp balance
•Grapefruit Essential Oil eliminates impurities

Super Moisturised Skin is In!

The Powder Shampoo's Body Foam Wash leaves your skin soft and supple that lasts you throughout the day!

Energising Day Body Foam Wash

•Turmeric anti-inflammatory
•Green Spirulina antioxidant
•Lemongrass Essential Oil uplifting scent
& skin clearing properties

Relaxing Night Body Foam Wash

•Butterfly Pea Flower protects skin
•Lavender Essential Oil calms scent
•Chamomile Essential Oil lifts your mood

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Plant-powered Botanical Wonder

The Powder Shampoo is a planet-first, plastic-free & plant-powered brand with the mission to revolutionise the personal care industry. Our vegan, cruelty-free, powder-to-foam formulas make sustainable shower swaps the easiest they’ve ever been and we plant one tree for every product sold in a bid to offset global carbon emissions.

Made with All Natural Ingredients to Care for You and the Earth


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